Stage à la Plage Conférence

Stage à la Plage 2023


This year, we will be welcoming Nathalie Marchand, who is a published author living in Melbourne.

Nathalie will teach us about Enabling students growth through differentiation strategies.

The first session will explore the benefits of putting in place a progression-based student-centred approach. You will discover how such an approach can support you in your effort to provide students with more personalised lessons, support their growth while giving them a sense of achievement, agency and boost their motivation.

Nathalie will then explore how easily you can implement a skill progressions approach and reduce your own workload while implementing relevant and meaningful differentiation, enabling students to take ownership of their own learning and actively and cognitively engaging them in the feedback process. Through some practical and trialled examples, participants will discover how to create effective formative and summative assessment tools that foster metacognition and self-regulation, thus empowering students to monitor their own growth.

Quoi de Neuf! – Pearson

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